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Going Beyond Auto - The Rule of Thirds 0

The Rule of Thirds

Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography.  A well composed image instantly captivates you and pulls you into the scene without you even noticing.  Most of you will not recognize a properly composed image, but you will certainly notice one that is not.  As with all of the basics of photography, this becomes more natural over time....

Going Beyond Auto - ISO 0

Beyond Auto: ISO

As you may or may not have noticed, your digital camera has a setting that says ISO with a number after it.  You probably never really cared what that meant and how it affected your photography…but today you will find out.  Simply put, ISO is how sensitive your camera’s film or digital sensor is to light.  With that said, let’s dive...

Going Beyond Auto - Shutter Speed 0

Beyond Auto: Shutter Speed

The Basics: Shutter Speed To put it simply, Shutter Speed is the length of time the digital sensor, or film, is exposed to light while the shutter is open.  I gave you a brief introduction to Shutter Speed in Shooting Modes when I mentioned Shutter Priority Mode (Tv or S).  You now also have a good understanding of Aperture and...